The operation of KIKU Hellas began in 2006. Its roots though, reach back to 2002 when the current director of the company Mr. George Poultsidis identified in the European scene the KIKU apple variety. Immediately, he installed pilot farms to study the adaptability of the variety in the various microclimates of Greece. Over the years it was observed that the KIKU apples were growing and bearing excellent results. Today, 6 years later, we know precisely the climatic conditions necessary for flourishing the qualitative variety.
Moreover, KIKU Hellas takes care of:

  • packaging of KIKU fruit baskets
  • compliance with quality standards
  • the marketing and availability to the greek market

We grow all the necessary solutions to ensure that the fruit of our KIKU apples get to you as it should: Crunchy and juicy!

From the roots…
to the fruits!

Friday 22 November, 2013

5 Celebrities In love with apples

Apple contains no fat at all

They are beautiful, talented and have incorporated apples in their everyday diet, because of their taste and the benefits they offer to the human body.

  • Famous actress Demi Moore, is used to eating apples in slices, covered with peanut butter as a dessert.
    With this light snack she gets all the energy and sugar she needs, without ruining her diet.
  • Greek actress Natalia Dragoumi followed an apple based diet in order to lose 25 kg, the total weight she gained in her first pregnancy.
  • Fergie and Megan Fox, use constantly apple vinegar in their meals, which helps the diet and accelerate the metabolism.
  • Kristi Molinaro, the famous New –York trainer, eats almonds and apple.
    As she quotes: "It's a combination full of nutritious fibers! Apple contains no fat at all, whereas almonds contain what we use to call good type of fat!"